Pimples In Pubic Area: Pubic Area Pimples Causes And Treatments

Pimples in pubic area are very itch and hard to reach.So, you finally want to get rid of pimples in pubic area? Congratulations, because this article will show you exactly that. You’ll find out how to eliminate those annoying pubic pimples with a few simple steps.

One of the biggest problems when fighting pubic pimples is that the area where they grow is pretty much covered with the clothing you wear, so your skin isn’t able to breathe most of the time. The underwear you’re wearing also doesn’t help the situation out. Being always close to your skin, producing dirt and sweat, underwear is a breeding ground for pimples in the pubic area.

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The different causes.

One of the major misunderstandings concerning this issue revolves around not being able to distinguish the cause of the breakout. There are two reasons why pubic pimples generally breakout. One is the sexually transmitted disease. If you were having sex, and you’ve gotten the pimples, there’s a good chance that the infection might occur. That’s why your pubic area will annoyingly itch. You should go and see a doctor immediately. Syphilis, genital herpes and yeast infection are the main cause of an STD pimple breakout. You should never have sex unprotected. Also, try to distinguish these yellow headed bumps from whiteheads and general rash. Rash is a completely different topic though.

Small bumps in the pubic areaThe other cause of the break out is shaving your pubic hair. This is generally not so dangerous, and can be treated by the methods I’m going to discuss below. The general rule here to distinguish them is this: if the bumps are white, they will generally go away on their own in 3-4 days. If however the bumps are yellow, you really should go and see a doctor. After all, medical advice is still the top info you can get. Just don’t be lazy.

One other thing is that you should realize and accept the fact that you cannot get rid of pimples overnight. That’s why you should find out how to get rid of the root cause of acne once and for all. Don’t worry, though; here are some simple steps to help you fight against pubic pimples:

1. Wash your pubic region.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to apply proper hygiene. Along with proper nutrition, proper hygiene is one of the most important factors for your general natural acne treatment. It’s also one of the best home remedies for treating pubic pimples as well. Simply use any facial cleanser and gently wash your pubic area. Don’t rub it hard as you will only cause the pimples to break out even harder. By doing this, you will wash the excessive oils off of your skin pretty fast which will in turn eliminate the pimples.

2. Exfoliate your skin.

By exfoliating your skin you will effectively remove the dead skin cells which clog your skin pores all the time. Clogging is very dangerous for your skin health because it produces sebum and makes acne generally very hard to get rid of. Applying loofah and body scrub should do the work.

3. After exercising, make sure you change your clothes. 

Changing your clothes after excessive exercising is essential. You wouldn’t believe how many people simply stay in their clothes after exercising. This is a huge mistake. Your body stays sweaty, producing a breeding field for bacteria which causes inflammation and thus – pimples. Putting new robes and showering after the exercise is essential if you want to get rid of pimples in pubic area.

4. Change your eating habits (most important!). 

Changing your lifestyle, or to be more precise, eating habits, is the only universal solution that works on most skin conditions. This is what the pharmaceutical companies and often dermatologists (not all of them, though) won’t tell you because they are after your money. Changing your eating habits is vital for you because only this will help you get rid of acne permanently. Once again, I'm referring the the Acne Cured e-book. Be sure to read it, since it will explain to you how to get rid of the root problems of acne.  I mean, you can get rid of pimples overnight, but they will come back. Nothing is any more different with pimples in pubic area.

Simply throw away junk food. I know that this might seem impossible at first, but trust me when I say this. As long as you’re eating junk food you will never be acne free. You can use as many natural home remedies for acne as you want to, but you will never be permanently free of acne. Eat food with lots of antioxidants (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, cereals) and drink a lot of water. Water is great because it detoxifies your digestive system and metabolism by eliminating toxic matter that is collected inside. You should probably drink around 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. It’s a great home remedy for pimples in general (and often very underused; you wouldn’t believe that in this day and age people are so busy they forget to drink water…) because it reduces sebum, bacteria and ultimately: pimple breakouts.

5. Stop wearing synthetic clothes.

Clothes made of synthetic materials are very bad for your skin. Synthetic prevents your skin from breathing and in turn produces pimples in the pubic area. Wearing cotton materials will solve this issue very fast. Cotton enables your skin to breathe, it’s very soft on the skin generally.

6. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salycylic Acid can help.

 Both of these remove dirt and oils from the surface of your skin, allowing the pores to breathe and stopping inflammation and more breakouts. Remember that clogging your skin pores is one of the reasons why pimples break out, even in the pubic area. Outside of natural acne remedies, these two are the only methods I would endorse.

Finally, if nothing else works, go see a dermatologist. This is simple enough.

7. Some Tips For Shaving.

Conclusion. By reading this article, you now know how to fight off pimples in pubic area effectively. You have also learned that you can’t get rid of acne for good by applying some outward methods. You should always tackle the root cause of acne breakouts .


Anonymous said...

true, these tips do help. You should drink a lot of water to get rid of genital pimples in no time. Water simply detoxes your body and less sebum is produced. Thans for the info!

pete said...

I think that drinking water is the most important aspect of any natural acne treatment. It's simply stunning to realize that the most common source around you can be the best acne healer. It will detox your body fast.

But of course, eating chocolate and other stuff won't help either. Good post.

Dave Nevard said...

This is the most informative article Ive come across on the benefits of drinking water to reduce acne. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Im just suffering coz of the pain please help

Flo Flint said...

Well, you can start off by reading the article above. Please realize that to get rid of acne, especially pimples in the pubic area, you will have to get rid of bad eating habits. There are some things you could do to remove them temporarily however. Things like exfoliating your skin will also do the trick.

jef goldburn said...

brilliant and informative...really helped

Amelia said...

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Alaina said...

I have an acne problem and I am looking for suggestions to help me.I have tried a lot of medicines like pro active and prescriptions from my dermatologist. They have not worked at all Please help! pimple in ear

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Certain pimples can be very painful. Cystic pimples would be among the most painful. The issue with these pimples is the pores may be clogged several layers below the skin. This can create a large and painful pimple.
The clogged pore might not be easily popped. So, squeezing is replaced by scratching and cutting. Some may even stick pins in such pimples. Scabs may form by the pain and inflammation remains.
Tearing away the scab and bleeding out the pimple then becomes a very wrongheaded strategy the afflicted will take. Tearing away scabs is definitely going to lead to major scarring over a larger mass of the skin surface.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In addition to ingrown hairs, hormone imbalances can cause pubic acne. I learned this from a dermatologist after having severe problems with it. I had never had acne even as a teenager so it was shocking to get it in my pubic area in my mid 30's. It was so bad but not because I was covered in them but because the few acne sores that kept appearing would get very big and deep almost like a boil or something and would turn purplish (I guess from bruising). It was so bad that one area required lancing, draining, and several stitches. That entire process was very painful and I missed a few days of work because I could not wear undergarments or pants. A day or so after lancing/draining, I had much relief due to having it drained. I also had to take low dose antibiotics every day for several months to keep it under control and to prevent infection until my hormones were in check. Trust me, I am very clean and taking multiple showers daily and drinking plenty of water did not get rid of it. I had to take the antibiotics and also see a GYN for a homone prescription. When it first happened I was scared my boyfriend had given me some sort of STD but it was definitely nothing but pubic acne caused by a hormone imbalance (and ingrown hair from shaving). I saw THREE doctors to be sure! I hope this info helps especially if there is anyone out there who has also had or is having a severe problem with it. Definitely see a doctor if you are unsure about what's going on since as mentioned by another person posting, sometimes these things can be related to herpes or other STD's and a doctor can confirm. Hopefully, nobody is having to deal with STD's and I hope nobody has to go to the extremes I did with the acne.

Anonymous said...

I omitted this from the previous post. Worst cases: If you shower often, drink lots of water, and still have a severe problem with pubic acne or ingrown hair especially if it's getting infected, prescription Clindamycin Gel will help clear it up. Just apply it a couple times a day or as prescribed by your doctor and you can see results almost immediately (within a day). I try to use it at the first sign of an acne outbreak but it can be rather expensive if you don't have medical insurance. It IS well worth purchasing. Since it's a gel, a little goes a long way. My acne can get so bad sometimes that I have to try to drain it myself to save on doctor bills and to try to avoid having more stitches. I stick a thick sewing needle sometimes as much as a half inch into the affected area without pain if I hit the right spot but I always sterilize the area and the needle and afterwards I clean the area again and use the Clindamycin Gel to prevent more infection. I know these details sound gory, grotesque and awful but I've dealt with this terrible problem off and on for more than 10 years and it really works. If ever something else is needed for infection or prevention due to severe cases, the lower dosage Doxycycline 100 mg is sometimes given. To RECAP: careful shaving, cleansing, draining affected area if necessary, applying Clindamycin Gel topical antibiotic to the affected area and in worse cases, taking oral Doxycycline prescribed by your doctor will take care of pubic acne. That sounds overkill but that's what is needed in severe cases.

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Anonymous said...

I don;t know if anyone else has said this, but I have neither had unprotected sex nor ever shaved/trimmed my pubic hair and I occasionally get spots in my pubic region and on the base of my penis. They tend to appear one at a time and produce a considerable amount of blood and puss when burst. And before you ask, I do not have problems with hygiene, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment about hormone imbalance is absolutely right. At one stage the oil on my skin would be so profuse it would leave a whitish grey whitish residue after washing or cleaning that could not be removed even with alcohol.
After a couple of weeks on dianette this went away as did the cysts. As soon as I stopped with days they were back!! The high dose of pantothenic acid treatment works very well for me too. Using topical treatments not shaving and washing a hundred times a day doesn't work one little bit for me. I always need to treat these pus filled cysts (only sometimes filled with fluid or pus other times just really painful lumps.) with a prescription medication or high dose vitamins. Anti androgens always work in hours !!! When you see someone with recurring constant and all encompassing acne including the groin it's usually hormonal.

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Alex said...

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